USGI ECWCS Level 6 Gen III Hard Shell Jacket Multicam MEDIUM-LONG

Vendor: USGI

SKU: 8415-01-547-5797

Shell Layer: A waterproof barrier designed to be worn over other levels in moderate to cold wet conditions alternating between freezing and thawing.

NSN: 8415-01-547-5797

Manufactured by Barrier Wear, these are NEW government contract overruns. First quality, not seconds.

The GEN III Extreme Wet/Cold Weather Jacket and Trousers are designed for use in moderate to cold wet conditions as a hard shell layer combined with other base and insulative layers.

Constructed with two-layer GORE-TEX® and seam-sealed throughout, the Jacket and Trousers provide an outstanding light-weight, completely waterproof, windproof and breathable level of protection against the elements with 50% less bulk than previous systems. Level VI also incorporates near infrared signature reduction technology further enhancing soldier survivability.

Vendor: USGI

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