London Bridge Trading LBT-6094 URPC Underway Sentinel Releasable Plate Carrier

Vendor: London Bridge Trading


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Size Chart - LBT-6094 Plate Carriers

** Armor Plates Not Included **

The London Bridge LBT-6094 Series are fit to the plate, not the user. Using the chart below, find the P/N that corresponds to your armor size. Double Tap sells SAPI/ESAPI cut 6094 carriers. They will still work with Shooter or Swimmer cut plates.

LBT-6094A Fits Small & Medium Plates
LBT-6094B Fits Large Plates
LBT-6094C Fits X-Large Plates

The 6094 URPC is a comination of the popular 6094 UW (Underway) plate carrier and the 6094 RS (Releasable Sentinel) plate carrier. The result is the 6094 URPC. This carrier has the mesh interior build and float panels of the UW model, while also featuring the releasable pull cord of the RS models.

General Features

  • Enhanced version of the 6094 plate carrier
  • Best-in-class cut-away system
  • Ancillary armor protection in a single pull cut-away system
  • Ability to jettison all components and reconfigure in approx. 2.5-3 minutes in real world environments
  • Vest cuts away and remains intact to allow for medical access and ease of equipment recovery
  • Dual position cut-away handle with positive-stop release
  • Integral cable cut-away system, cable never fully detaches and is readily reconfigured throughout
  • Multiple adjustment points for proper fit and function
  • Modular Attachment Points on Front and Back
  • Modular Cummerbund with Concealable Rear Elastic Adjustment (Includes Interior Radio Pouches On Each Side)
  • Removable Wrap-Around Shoulder Pads
  • Wire/Antenna/Hydration Hose Guides
  • Reinforced Drag Handle
  • Cable is an industry leading 10 PSI release


  • Exterior is made of 500 Denier Cordura
  • Interior is mesh lined, featuring body-facing mesh pockets for easy drainage of water
  • Pockets can hold closed-cell positive displacement flotation foam
    • Sets of 1 3/4 and 1 1/4 Foam for Front, Back and Sides Included

*This product will not fit soft armor transferred from an issued IOTV, OTV, MTV or SPCS.*

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