Noisefighters Gel Ear Pads - MSA Sordin / TCI Liberator / Invisio T5

Vendor: Noisefighters

SKU: MS100

What are Noisefighters?
Noisefighters are the first ever gel earmuff pads with relief cuts for glasses. This design allows your eye protection temples to pass through WITHOUT breaking the seal, and WITHOUT causing headaches from glasses digging into your head.

This is the single greatest upgrade you can make to a set of off the shelf ear protection. The super-soft silicone gel produces an amazingly comfortable fit, with or without eyewear. The unique horseshoe-ring shaped design provide significantly better sealing vs. competitors' pads.

Made in the USA by a USMC veteran-owned company and designed for use in any climate. Polyurethane outer skin is UV-resistant, waterproof, and much longer-lasting than vinyl used on cheap pads. These gel pads are tough!

(Please transfer o-ring from original pads onto Noisefighter pads if applicable)

  • TCI® Liberator™ II / III / DEHP™ / HP™ 
  • MSA® Sordin® Supreme™
  • Invisio® T5

      Vendor: Noisefighters

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