Otis Receiver All Purpose Brushes - 3 Pack

Vendor: OTIS

SKU: FG-316-3-NBBZ

3 Pack - White Nylon / Stiff Blue Nylon / Phosphorous Bronze

Otis All Purpose Receiver Brushes have double ends to allow for large surface scrubbing with one end and precision cleaning with the smaller end. AP Brushes are great for reaching hard to clean areas of your firearms. Other uses include automobile detailing, boats, golf equipment, battery terminals, camping, grout, jewelry, woodworking, RC hobbies, crafts, and more.

White Nylon & Stiff Blue Nylon

  • Removes fresh carbon or powder residue but won’t scratch your firearm finish
  • For everyday use and can be used on virtually any surface including wood surfaces
  • Nylon bristled brush meets Mil. Spec.

Phosphorous Bronze

  • Recommended for cleaning the area around the firing pin
  • Perfect for slides, receivers and locking lugs
  • Cleans stubborn residue on metal surfaces that require more aggressive scrubbing action


    Vendor: OTIS

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