Sentry Marine Tuf-Cloth CDLP Cleaner Dry Lubricant Protectant Cloth

Vendor: Sentry

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The Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Cloth uses the same dry film technology as the original Tuf-Cloth, but with added protection to endure extreme use, saltwater, high humidity, and long-term storage.One wipe with the Marine Tuf-Cloth wipes away dirt, displaces moisture, and leaves behind an ultra-protective microcrystal layer that prevents everything from rust to fingerprint damage. 

Marine Tuf-Cloth has additional rust inhibitors. If your equipment will be exposed to salt-water, sweat soaked (as in concealed carry), or in storage, use Marine Tuf-Cloth. This product was designed at the request of Navy SEALs for diving operations and provides a thicker film of protection for extreme conditions. The thicker film dries more slowly and leaves gloss finishes hazy. The haze can be buffed to a shine using a clean lint-free cloth, without removing the protection.

Use on wood, plastics and all types of metal. Excellent for fishing tackle, tools and all outdoor gear. Marine Tuf-Cloth is made of a soft, lint-free fabric that is very durable. Marine Tuf-Cloth comes in a resealable storage pouch to lock out moisture and assure long life. 12" X 12" cloth.


  • Goes on wet but quickly dries and leaves a lasting dry lubricant that does not attract dirt, dust, and debris
  • Great for all conditions, metals, and finishes, safe for wood and plastics
  • Slick action in any temperature – won’t thicken from cold or thin out from heat
  • Keeps guns and gear clean, operating smoother, and lasting longer
  • Prevents fingerprints, tarnishing, and dulling
  • Micro-bonding shield inhibits rust
  • Displaces moisture


  • For best results and longer product life, use Marine Tuf-Cloth on clean surfaces. Wipe very dirty surfaces with clean cloth first.
  • Wipe surfaces firmly with Marine Tuf-Cloth and allow to dry. Drying time varies; wet cloth applies thicker shield, longer drying time.
  • Return cloth to special vapor-barrier pouch and seal tightly for longer life. USE REGULARLY FOR BEST RESULTS.

Vendor: Sentry

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