SIG Sauer 13 Round 9mm P228/P229 Factory Magazine (SURPLUS)

Vendor: SIG Sauer

SKU: MAG-2289-9-13

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Factory USED SIG Sauer P228/P229 magazines, 13 rounds per. These are always SIG Sauer stamped. Due to some confusion, we also must clarify, base plate style may vary! Please remember, there are only two guarantees here: They are cheap, and they will feed. Anything else is subject to change.

CONDITION:  We make no guarantees with respect to finish.  Our only guarantee is that the magazines you receive will feed and function, and be free from critical damage such as cracked feed lips and body dings that prevent the follower from moving freely inside the magazine. 

WARRANTY:  We make no warranties about these magazines, if you need a warranty, buy new!
SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: This item has restrictions as to where it can/cannot be mailed. See THIS LINK for more information.

Vendor: SIG Sauer

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