Smith & Wesson Model 100 M&P Handcuffs

Vendor: Smith & Wesson

SKU: 350103

The Smith & Wesson Model 100 handcuff series has become one of the best selling restraint systems in the world and is a staple piece of police equipment for most law enforcement agencies. The Smith & Wesson handcuffs are made with heat treated internal lockworks, featuring smooth ratchets for swift cuffing and double locks to prevent tampering (teeth in opposing directions as well as key).

Smith and Wesson handcuffs meet or exceed demanding US National Institute of Justice tests for workmanship, strength, corrosion and tamper resistance. From the original Model 100 series handcuffs to the invariable durability of their restraint chains and leg cuffs - Smith and Wesson handcuffs are a proven worldwide leader in handcuff and restraint production.

  • Two handcuff keys included
  • Exceeds National Institute of Justice tests
  • Double lock
  • Corrosion and tamper resistance

        Vendor: Smith & Wesson

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