Source WXP Hydration Bladder (3L / 100oz) w/ Storm Valve

Vendor: Source Hydration

SKU: 4305530003

The Source Tactical WXP 3L / 100 oz Hydration Bladder is loaded with features. It has a screw-top and flip-design, making it one of the most versatile bladders for filling and using. The slim profile fits easily into packs of all sizes while the heavier plastic used to make the reservoir prevents punctures. As a result of this design, it works great as a water storage reservoir (without the hose) as well as a hydration system. The film features an anti-bacterial layer that is dubbed "self-cleaning" by Source, contributing to easy maintenance. That said, make sure to still rinse and clean it after each use, just in case.


  • Hi-Flow Storm-Valve: no-bite push-pull valve with integrated shut-off mechanism; easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Angled Valve: Turns 360 degrees for perfect valve/mouth orientation; allows tube to be 25cm shorter; less excess tube bouncing around the chest
  • Dirt Shield Valve Cover: Protects mouthpiece from dirt
  • QMT Valve/Tube Connector w/ Shut-Off: Allows quick, no drip attachment to respirator, micro filter etc.
  • Cool Weave Cover Tube: Insulates and blocks UV-light; water stays cool and inhibits bacteria growth
  • Large NC Filler Cap: Air tight, low profile, one hand operated with a retention cord so you don't lose your cap
  • Taste-Free System: Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste without plastic flavor; BPA and phtalate free
  • Glass-Like Film with Grunge-Guard Technology: Inhibits bacteria growth on reservoir and drinking tube surfaces
  • Care-Free: Cleaning by simply rinsing the system and hanging it opened until dry (if used with water)
  • Widepac Closure: Patented slide closure for easy draining and cleaning; airtight seal

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