USGI Helmet Goggle Retention Straps

Vendor: USGI

SKU: 8415-01-521-8802

Foliage Green
OD Green
Desert Tan

These Google Retention Straps are used to secure goggles to any helmet with screw holes. The straps are secured to both sides of the helmet using existing helmet screws. Goggles are placed on top of the helmet and the Eyewear Retention Straps are folded over the goggles and snapped. These straps will ensure the goggles remain in place preventing loss or damage to the goggles. The Eyewear Retention Straps are government issue equivalent.

The Eyewear Retention Straps are 1" wide by 6-3/4" long. The nylon webbing is seared to prevent fraying and the snap components are black oxidized brass for a longer and proper functional lifespan. One size fits all ACH and MICH helmets. The Eyewear Retention Straps are manufactured in accordance with drawing 2-1-2499 and MIL-DTL-32134.

Packaged one pair per pack including installation instructions and are available in various colors to match military uniform.

NSN List

  • Foliage Green8415-01-521-8802
  • OD Green: 8415-01-487-1605
  • Desert Tan: 8415-01-521-8801

Vendor: USGI

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