USGI Improved Modular Sleep System (IMSS) Small Stuff Sack

Vendor: USGI

SKU: 8465-01-547-2656

Why are there different NSN Options? Over the years, different government contractors have produced these items under different NSN numbers. Rest assured these are all the exact same product, they just have different part numbers. You can select and purchase any option that shows in-stock.

This Small Compression Stuff Sack was designed for the 5-part Improved Modular Sleep System, but it can be used to compress most sleeping bags or even clothing. It's constructed with water resistant material with adequate volume for 1-2 parts of the system, but not the complete kit. Take the excess air out of everything that fits in this sack and you'll be amazed at how much space you gain. Perfect for organizing a bug out bag or storing off season clothes. Make the most out of your limited space.


  • 3 Vertical straps
  • Draw cord with barrel lock
  • Handle strap on top and bottom
  • Measurements: 19" x 12"
  • Weight: Approximately 8 oz

Vendor: USGI

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