USGI Aluminum Canteen Cup Stove Stand (SURPLUS)

Vendor: USGI

SKU: 8465-01-250-3632-U

The USGI Canteen Cup Stove/Stand is made from aluminum and is made to be used with a canteen cup to heat liquids. The Stove nests conveniently around the canteen cup. The canteen cup, stove stand and 1 QT canteen will all fit together in standard canteen pouches.

  • Designed to work with the aluminum or stainless steel canteen cup
  • Provides a way, in the field, to heat water, rations, or other food and drinks
  • Stand supports a full canteen cup or a "C" ration can at a height suitable for heating its contents by means of heating tablets or other commonly available source of heat
  • When not in use, the canteen cup nests into the wider end of the stove, the canteen body nests into the canteen cup, and the three components fit into the canteen cover

Vendor: USGI

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