USGI USMC Pack System FILBE Complete Hydration System w/ Bladder (SURPLUS)

Vendor: USGI

SKU: 8465-01-600-7882-U

The USMC Pack System Hydration System in Coyote Brown is a genuine US government issue piece. These are made for military contract by manufacturers like Propper and Eagle Industries. The USMC Pack System is designed as a replacement for the standard ILBE pack system and is specifically intended to provide the Marine with a load carriage system that fully integrates with currently fielded body armor systems. Once called FILBE (Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment), it's now just simply called the Marine Corps Pack System. 

The hydration carrier and hydration bladder system together make a complete water carrying package with a 100 oz capacity. The drinking hose has a quick disconnect feature on both ends for easy takedown and cleaning. There is a clip on the hose so you can secure the hose to the front of your pack. Near the bite valve there is a flow on/off switch to prevent leaks while you're not actively using the hydration system.

The full pack system is many parts. These are sold as complete hydration systems, but do NOT include optional accessories or other pieces outside of the hydration carrier and bladder. This means you will receive the hydration carrier, bladder, tube assembly, tube holder, and bite valve assembly with cover. Other accessories like the Grimloc carabiners or pouches are NOT included, but are sold separately on our site.


    • Made with heavy duty 600D nylon
    • Heavy duty carry handle
    • Adjustable shoulder straps
    • Sternum strap
    • MOLLE webbing on the pocket
    • Padded foam back 


    • Hydration Carrier, NSN: 8465-01-600-7882
    • Hydration Bladder System, NSN: 8465-01-600-7956
      • 100 oz. Hydration Bladder (Camelbak or equivalent), NSN: 8465-01-600-7881
      • Tube Kit, NSN: 8465-01-600-7958
      • Tube Holder, NSN: 8465-01-600-7959
      • Hydration Bite Valve with Cover, NSN: 8465-01-600-7963

      Vendor: USGI

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