USGI VS-17 Signal Panel Marker (SURPLUS)

Vendor: USGI

SKU: 8345-00-174-6865-U

The VS-17 / VS17 Signal Panel, or Signal Panel Marker, is used by the United States Military. The VS-17 is attached to tanks, trucks, rucksacks and just about anything that needs to be identified from the air, to include those in need of rescue. The VS-17 is often laid out on the ground to identify troop positions to friendly aircraft, or to identify where help is needed. 

Just as they are handy for the military, they make a handy addition to a roadside assistance kit. With a VS-17 on your vehicle, the entire highway will be able to see you. Throw on in your SUV or car for an instant safety boost in the event of a breakdown.


  • Measures approximately 24" x 70"
  • High visibility Pink on one size, and Orange on the reverse
  • Outer lining of OD Green fabric
  • Panel folds into square, 8" x 8" x 2"
  • Weighs approximately 13.40 ounces
  • Six (6) tie-down straps

    Vendor: USGI

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